1.​"Vestnik Svyazi"

​The monthly production and technical journal "Vestnik Svyazi" has been published since September 1917. (Under the existing name since 1941). The journal covers the status and perspectives of development of the telecommunications and postal services market in the CIS states. Particular attention is paid to the policies of  the intergovernmental and national organizations and agencies that regulate and coordinate the activities of operators, communication providers, and so on. 

The electronic version of the "Vestnik Svyazi" can be read on the Internet.


Monthly scientific and technical journal on wire and radio communications, television and radio broadcasting was founded in 1933. It is intended for a wide range of specialists in the field of communications and Informatization. Distributed in Russia, CIS states, and abroad. It is exported to 47 countries.

The electronic version of the journal "Telecommunications" can be read on the Internet.

  3.Postal communication. Equipment and technologies

Monthly scientific and technical journal. Published since 1999. Covers the issues of reorganization and technical re-equipment of the postal service, marketing in the postal industry, financing conditions, problems of transportation and mail delivery, and etc. Introduces readers to the issues of improving the postal system, its financial, economic, technical and technological problems.

The electronic version of "Postal communication" can be read on the Internet.