Meetings of the Coordination Council

Meetings of the Coordination Council are held as necessary, but at least once a year.

The meetings of the Coordination Council are attended by the heads (deputies) of national executive bodies implementing state policy and coordination of work in the field of informatization, observers of the Coordination Council, as well as invited guests from among RCC participants, international and regional organizations in the field of communications and information, mass media representatives.

The time and place of the meetings are agreed upon at the previous meetings.

The draft agenda for the meeting is formed based on decisions of the Coordination Council, as well as proposals of the members of the Coordination Council, working bodies of the RCC and the RCC Executive Committee.

The members of the meeting discuss and make decisions in the following areas of the work of the Coordination Council:

- formation of the informational space of the CIS Member-States;

- interaction to create and develop a modern informational and telecommunicational infrastructure based on the latest informational technologies;

- development of cooperation in the field of informatization and ensuring mutually beneficial interstate informational exchange;

- participation in the work to ensure information security of informational and telecommunicational systems and networks of the CIS Member-States and more.