Personnel Policies of the RCC Member-States

         One of the most important activities of the RCC Human Resources Development Commission is to develop and make agreements on new approaches on improving human resources policies of the RCC Communications Administrations, including a wide range of issues covering human resources management and development, regulatory and social aspects.

         The need for continuous improvement of personnel policy is due to the requirements of the modern market of communications and information technology and the ongoing transformations in the industry. In the current environment, the determining factor influencing the competitiveness, economic growth and efficiency of communication enterprises is the availability of human resources capable of professionally solving production tasks. For effective human resources management an enterprise needs an integral system of work with personnel, which allows to manage them from the moment of hiring to the end of the career. In accordance with the realities of the times, the RCC Commission on Human Resource Development elaborated recommendations on the personnel policy of the RCC Communications Administrations (Recommendations), which were approved at the 39th meeting of the Heads of CIS Communications Administrations (Decision No. 39/1-CIS). 

           The draft Recommendations contains five sections:

- "General Regulations", which provides definitions of the terms used in the draft Recommendations and indicates the purpose of developing the document;

- "Trends in reforming the telecommunications and information technology industry in the RCC Member-States, affecting personnel policy", which includes information on the ongoing changes in the RCC Member-States related to the development of market relations, the implementation of industry reforms, the development of the latest information and communication technologies, etc;

- "Main directions of personnel policy of the RCC Communications Administrations", which contains information on the existing regulatory framework of the RCC Member-States, principles of personnel management strategy, tasks of personnel departments, training and retraining of specialists and other components of the personnel policy of the RCC Communications Administrations;

- "Modern principles of personnel management, which can be used in the development and implementation of the personnel policy of the RCC Communications Administrations", explains the terminology of modern principles of personnel management and how they are applied in practice;

- "Recommendations on ensuring a harmonized personnel policy of the RCC Communications Administrations", which contains areas of activity in the field of personnel policy, which are proposed to the RCC Communications Administrations for use in their work.

         According to the members of the RCC Commission on Human Resource Development, the document contains provisions and recommendations that can be applied in all RCC Communications Administrations and will facilitate the work of human resources services in the implementation of personnel policy.