April 23, 2020

     This event is annually celebrated on the fourth Thursday of April.

     The International Day for Girls in ICT aims to promote and empower young women in terms of training and career development in the emerging ICT field, as well as to provide girls and technology companies with access to the benefits of increasing women's participation in the ICT sector.

     Given the prevailing epidemiological situation in the world, this event was held in the mode of video conferencing. Dorin Bogdan-Martin - Director of the Telecommunication Development Bureau of the International Telecommunication Union welcomed all participants to the workshop.

     It was attended by more than 50 girls working in the field of ICT, from Asia, Africa, Europe, the United Arab Emirates, the United States of America, the Commonwealth of Independent States.

     From the RCC Executive Committee took part:

     - Skvortsova Natalia, acting Deputy Head of the CIS and Digital Development Sector;

     - Nadezhda Mayorova, chief specialist of the ITU, UPU and Regional Organizations Sector;

     - Raisa Lobotova, Leading Specialist of the ITU, UPU and Regional Organizations Sector.

     The following issues were included on the agenda of the seminar:

     - about programs that introduce girls to career opportunities in the field of ICT;

     - on practical ICT programs that help women develop digital skills;

     - About innovative ways of gaining knowledge without constant access to digital devices and the Internet;

     - The importance of digital skills during a pandemic.

     Speakers at the seminar on agenda items:

     - Laura Chinchilla, former President of Costa Rica;

     - Arewan Haorangi, Secretary-General of the Asia-Pacific Telecommunication Community;

     - Amani Abu Zayd, Commissioner for Infrastructure and Energy, African Union Commission;

     - Wadha Bin Zara, Director of Women's Empowerment, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Saudi Arabia;

     - Gulnara Abdyllaeva, Director of the Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications of the Kyrgyz Republic;

     - Kim I. Mullau, Senior Lecturer, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of the West Indies;

     - Ingrid Sanchez-Tapia, Education Specialist, UNICEF;

     - Christina Flyutur, Co-Chair of CERT;

     - Leyla Elmergavi, Economic Policy Advisor, US Department of State;

     - Paula Ferrari, GSMA Representative in Latin America;

     - Cecily Fazau, Legal Counsel, Regulatory Authority, Samoa;

     - Asmakhan Zane, founder of Cryptasal, President of the Lebanese League of Women in Business LLWB.

Concluding the seminar, Dorin Bogdan-Martin thanked all the participants for their active and successful work and again congratulated them on the International Day of ICT Girls.