June 30, 2023, Arkadag, Turkmenistan

On June 30, 2023 the International scientific conference "City of Arkadag - the embodiment of digital and smart technologies" was held in Arkadag, Turkmenistan.

It was organized by the khakimlik of Arkadag, the Ministry of Education and the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan.

The conference was held in a mixed format and was attended by members of the Government, ANT and staff of its member institutes, rectors, professors and teachers of universities in the country.

The foreign participants included heads and representatives of leading higher education institutions and scientific institutes of Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Germany, Japan and other countries as well as authoritative international organizations, in particular structural subdivisions and UN agencies accredited in Turkmenistan.

The conference was attended by Nurudin Mukhitdinov, General-Director of the RCC Executive Committee, and his Deputy Natalia Zorya.

Nurudin Mukhitdinov, General-Director of the RCC Executive Committee, made a report on the topic of "Prospects for the Digital Future."

As the forum participants noted, the opening of the city of Arkadag, which can rightfully be called a city of the future, will go down in the annals of the modern history of Turkmenistan as irrefutable evidence of economic and scientific-technological development of the country, which has staked on the active introduction of high technology in all spheres of life.