23 June 2022, via Videoconference

On 23 June 2022, a meeting of the working group on competition and the removal of barriers in the field of communications of the EAEU Member States was held via videoconference.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the EAEU, participants of the Working Group on Communications and representatives of the RCC Executive Committee.

The following agenda was approved by the participants:

1. On the draft report on measures applied by the Member-States' telecommunication operators in order to combat fraud on telecommunication networks when passing international traffic and the need to amend the legislation of the Member-States aimed at detecting and combating fraud on telecommunication networks of telecommunication operators of the EAEU Member-States.

2. On the definition of the concept of "international roaming traffic" for the purposes of applying the action plan on the formation of conditions necessary to establish fair tariffs for cellular services in international roaming in the territories of the Eurasian Economic Union Member-States, approved by Commission Council Decision No. 19 of October 29, 2021.